Übersetzung von “action” — Englisch–Russisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /ˈækʃən/ us
DO [ C, U ]

B2 something that you do

She has to accept the consequences of her actions.
We must take action (= do something) before the problem gets worse.
So what do you think is the best course of action (= way of dealing with the situation)?
It was the first time I'd seen firemen in action (= doing a particular activity).

B1 things that are happening, especially exciting or important things

захватывающее действие
He likes films with a lot of action.
→ Opposite inaction
out of action

damaged or hurt and not able to operate or play sports

вышедший из строя/игры
They've got three players out of action.
legal action

a legal process in a court

иск, судебное дело
They are planning to take legal action against the company.

fighting in a war

боевые действия
He was killed in action (= while fighting).
PROCESS [ no plural ]

a movement or natural process

The rocks are smoothed by the action of water.
→ See also industrial action , be all talk (and no action)

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