Die Übersetzung von "capture" - Englisch-Russisch Wörterbuch


verb [ T ] uk us /ˈkæptʃər/

B2 to catch someone and make them your prisoner

захватывать в плен
Two soldiers were captured by the enemy.

B2 to get control of a place with force

Rebel troops have captured the city.

to succeed in getting something when you are competing against other people

The Green Party has captured 12% of the vote.

B2 to show or describe something successfully using words or pictures

передавать, показывать
His book really captures the spirit of the place.
capture sb/sth on camera/film, etc

B2 to record someone or something on camera/film, etc

запечатлеть кого-либо/что-либо на фотографии/пленке и т. д.
capture sb's attention/imagination

to make someone very interested or excited

приковывать внимание/овладевать воображением
The campaign has really captured the public's imagination.
capture sb's heart

to make someone love you

завоевывать чье-либо сердце
She captured the hearts of the nation.

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