Übersetzung von “come in” — Englisch–Russisch Wörterbuch

come in

phrasal verb with come uk /kʌm/ us verb past tense came, past participle come

A2 to enter a room or building

входить, заходить
Do you want to come in for a cup of tea?

If a fashion or a product comes in, it becomes available or becomes popular.

входить в моду
Flared trousers came in during the seventies.

If news, information, a report, etc comes in, it is received.

поступать (о новостях и т. д.)
News is just coming in about the explosion.
come in first/second, etc

to finish a race or a competition in first/second, etc position

приходить к финишу первым/вторым и т. д.

If the tide (= regular change in the level of the sea) comes in, the sea moves towards the beach or coast.

наступать (о приливе)
BE INVOLVED informal

used to describe how someone is involved in a situation, story, or plan

входить в дело, подключаться
We need people to help clean up, and that's where you come in.

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