Übersetzung von “a” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


determiner weak /ə/ weak /ə/ us strong // uk strong // weak /ə/ us strong // also an

A1 used before a noun to mean one thing or person

un, una
I need a car.
Can I have an apple?

A1 every or each

Take one tablet three times a day.

A1 used to say what job someone does

se usa delante de las profesiones
She’s a mechanic.

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noun /ei/

the first letter of the English alphabet

La letra ’’A’’
’Ant’ begins with an A.

(music) the sixth note in the scale of C major

The first note of the tune is an A.

the highest mark which a student can get for a piece of work or in an examination

Diez, Sobresaliente
I got an A in my history test.
A-bomb /ˈei ˌbom/ noun

an atomic bomb

Bomba Atomica
Truman made the decision to drop the A-bomb.
A flat /ˌei ˈflat/ noun

(music) a musical note that is a semitone lower than A

la bemol
The next note is an A flat.
A level /ˈei ˌlevəl/ noun

Advanced Level; (in Britain) an examination in a particular subject that pupils have to pass if they want to go to university

Examen de Bachillerato
I failed my Chemistry A level

the level of these examinations

What subjects are you taking at A level?
A-road /ˈei ˌroud/ noun

a road in Britain that is smaller than a motorway, but wider than a B-road

Carretera mas pequeña que una Autopista pero mas ancha que una carretera B
A-roads are marked in blue on the map.
A sharp /ˌei ˈʃaːp/ noun

(music) a musical note that is a semitone higher than A

la sostenido
The melody ends on an A sharp.

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