Übersetzung von “age” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /eɪdʒ/ us /eɪdʒ/

A1 the number of years that someone has lived, or that something has existed

Mozart died at the age of 35.
a child under/over the age of five
Some trees live to a great age.
Their son is your age (= as old as you are).

B1 a period of history

the Ice Age

[ no plural ] the state of being old

Some wines improve with age.
ages [ plural ] also an age mainly UK informal

B1 a very long time

I’ve been waiting here for ages.
verb uk /eɪdʒ/ us /eɪdʒ/ present participle mainly UK ageing, present participle US aging, past tense and past participle aged

to become older or to make someone seem older

(hacer) envejecer
Dad has aged a lot recently.

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noun /eidʒ/

the amount of time during which a person or thing has existed

He began learning piano at the age of six (years)
What age is she?

(often with capital) a particular period of time

época, edad
This machine was the wonder of the age
the Middle Ages.

the quality of being old

This wine will improve with age
With the wisdom of age, he regretted the mistakes he had made in his youth.

(usually in plural) a very long time

años, siglos
We’ve been waiting (for) ages for a bus.
aged adjective

/ˈeidʒid/ old

viejo, anciano
an aged man.

/eidʒd/ of the age of

de (cinco años) de edad
a child aged five.
ageist /ˈeidʒist/ adjective

discriminating against older people

Discriminación por Edad
ageist attitudes.
ageless adjective

never growing old or never looking older

sin edad, eterno
The sculpture has an ageless beauty.
aging adjective

He has to look after his aging mother.
age group noun

people within a particular range of ages, considered as a group

Exercise classes are available for different age groups.
age-old adjective

done, known etc for a very long time

an age-old custom.
(come) of age

(to become) old enough to be considered legally an adult (eg in Britain aged eighteen or over)

Alcanzar Mayoria de Edad
When he comes of age, he’s going to get married.

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