Übersetzung von “alarm” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /əˈlɑːm/ us /əˈlɑrm/

B1 a loud noise that tells you there is danger

a fire alarm

B1 a clock that makes a noise to wake you

The alarm went off at 5.30.

[ no plural ] a sudden feeling of fear that something bad might happen

There’s no need for alarm – we’re completely safe.
raise the alarm

to warn someone of a dangerous situation

dar la voz de alarma
Her parents raised the alarm when she failed to return home.
verb uk /əˈlɑːm/ us /əˈlɑrm/

to worry someone

I didn’t want to alarm him by saying that she was sick.

(Übersetzung von “alarm” aus dem Cambridge Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch © Cambridge University Press)


noun /əˈlaːm/

something that gives warning of danger, attracts attention etc

Sound the alarm!
a fire-alarm
(also adjective) an alarm clock.

sudden fear

alarma, susto
We did not share her alarm at the suggestion.

an alarm clock

Did you set the alarm?
alarming adjective

disturbing or causing fear

We had some alarming news about Bob. Apparently, he is seriously ill.
alarmingly adverb

alarmantemente, de forma alarmante
The disease is spreading at an alarmingly fast rate.
alarmist adjective

making people worried and fearful unnecessarily

The media have been accused of creating an alarmist reaction all over the country.
alarm clock noun

a clock that makes a noise to wake you up at a particular time

Sheila forgot to set the alarm clock.

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