Übersetzung von “appreciate” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /əˈpriː·ʃi·eɪt/ us /əˈpri·ʃiˌeɪt/ present participle appreciating, past tense and past participle appreciated

to understand how good something or someone is

He wouldn’t appreciate an expensive wine.

to feel grateful for something

I really appreciate all your help.

to understand that a situation is difficult

ser consciente de
I appreciate that this is a difficult decision for you.
I, you, etc. would appreciate

used when you are politely requesting something

agradecería, agradecerías, etc.
I would appreciate it if you didn’t smoke in the house.

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verb /əˈpriːʃieit/

to be grateful for (something)

I appreciate all your hard work.

to value (someone or something) highly

The work that housewives do is very often not appreciated.

understand; to be aware of

comprender, hacerse cargo de
I appreciate your difficulties, but I cannot help.

to increase in value

aumentar su valor
My house has appreciated (in value) considerably over the last ten years.
appreciable /-ʃəbl/ adjective

noticeable; considerable

There has been an appreciable increase in house prices.
appreciably /-ʃəbli/ adverb

It has become appreciably warmer over the past few days.
appreciation noun


agradecimiento, gratitud, reconocimiento
I wish to show my appreciation for everything which you have done.

the state of valuing or understanding something

He has gained a deep appreciation of poetry.

the state of being aware of something

conocimiento, idea
He has no appreciation of our difficulties.

an increase in value

aumento de valor
the appreciation in house prices.

a written article etc which describes the qualities of something

Sheila is writing an appreciation of the new book.
appreciative /-ʃətiv/ adjective

giving due thanks or praise; grateful

agradecido, atento
an appreciative audience.
appreciatively adverb

agradecidamente, atentamente
She smiled appreciatively when he helped her to carry the bags of groceries.

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