Übersetzung von “articulate” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /ɑːˈtɪk·jə·lət/ us /ɑrˈtɪk·jə·lɪt/

able to express ideas and feelings clearly in words

que se expresa bien
She’s an intelligent and highly articulate young woman.
articulately adverb uk /ɑːˈtɪk·jə·lət·li/ /ɑrˈtɪk·jə·lɪt·li/

bien, con facilidad
verb uk /ɑːˈtɪk·jə·leɪt/ us /ɑːr-/ formal

to express in words

articular, expresar
I found myself unable to articulate my feelings.
Many people are opposed to the new law, but have had no opportunity to articulate their opposition.

to pronounce

When children first learn to talk, there are some sounds that they find difficult to articulate.

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verb /aːˈtikjuleit/

to speak or pronounce

The teacher articulated (his words) very carefully.
articulated /aːˈtikjuˌleitid/ adjective

(British) an articulated vehicle has two parts joined together making it easier to turn

Vehiculo Segmentado
an articulated lorry.
articulately /-lət-/ adverb

fluidamente, con claridad
She has always been able to express herself very articulately.
articulation noun

the articulation of vowel sounds.

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