Übersetzung von “atom” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /ˈæt·əm/ us /ˈæt̬·əm/

the smallest unit that an element can be divided into


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noun /ˈӕtəm/

(chemistry, physics) the smallest part of an element.


anything very small

ápice, pizca, gota
There’s not an atom of truth in what she says.
atomic /-ˈto-/ adjective

Hydrogen has an atomic number of 1.
atomicity /ˌætəˈmisiti/ noun

(chemistry, physics) the number of atoms in the molecules of an element.

What is the atomicity of copper?
atom bomb noun ( atomic bomb)

a bomb using atomic energy; A-bomb

bomba atómica
The dropping of the atomic bomb was a turning point in history.
atomic energy noun

very great energy obtained by breaking up the atoms of some substances

energía atómica/nuclear
atomic power noun

power (for making electricity etc) obtained from atomic energy

energía nuclear
Atomic power is obtained from uranium.

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