Die Übersetzung von "bathe" - Englisch-Spanisch-Wörterbuch


verb uk /beɪð/ us /beɪð/ present participle bathing, past tense and past participle bathed

to wash yourself in a bath

bañar(se), lavar

to swim


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verb /beiθ/

to put into water

bañar; limpiar
He bathed his feet
The nurse will bathe your wounds.

to go swimming

bañarse, darse un baño
She bathes in the sea every day.
bather noun

There were only a few bathers on the beach.
bathing noun

We took the opportunity to do some bathing in the lake.
bathing suit noun

(old-fashioned) a swimsuit

Traje de Baño / Bañador
They put on their bathing suits and headed towards the sea.

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