Übersetzung von “beat” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /biːt/ us /bit/ present participle beating, past tense beat, past participle beaten

B1 to defeat someone in a competition

Our team beat Germany 3–1.

B1 When your heart beats, it makes regular movements and sounds.

By the time the doctor arrived, his heart had stopped beating.

to hit a person or animal repeatedly

They saw him beating his dog with a stick.

informal to be better or more enjoyable than another activity or experience

ser mejor que
Taking the bus sure beats walking.

to hit against something hard, making a regular sound

Rain beat against the windows.
it beats me

something that you say when you do not understand a situation or someone’s behaviour

no tengo ni idea
It beats me why she goes out with him.

Phrasal Verb(s)

noun uk /biːt/ us /bit/

a regular sound that is made by your heart or by something hitting a surface

latido, toque
the beat of a drum

the main rhythm of a piece of music

ritmo, compás
I like music with a strong beat.

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verb /biːt/ (past tense beat, past participle beaten)

to strike or hit repeatedly

batir, golpear, percutir
He was beating a large drum.

to win against

She beat me in a game of poker.

to mix thoroughly

Lightly beat an egg.

to move in a regular rhythm

latir, pulsar
My heart is beating faster than usual.

to mark or indicate (musical time) with a baton etc

marcar, llevar (el compás)
A conductor beats time for an orchestra.
beater noun

an egg beater.
beating noun

golpeo; latido; batida
The prisoner was given a severe beating.
beaten adjective

overcome; defeated

the beaten team
He looked tired and beaten.

mixed thoroughly

a beaten egg.
beat about the bush

to approach a subject in an indirect way, without coming to the point or making any decision

ir con rodeos
I wish he’d stop beating about the bush, and get to the point.
beat down phrasal verb

(of the sun) to give out great heat

picar, calentar mucho
The sun’s rays were beating down on us.

to (force to) lower a price by bargaining

conseguir un buen precio (regateando)
We beat the price down
We beat him down to a good price.
beat it

(informal) to go away

Beat it, or I’ll hit you!
She told her little brother to beat it.
beat off phrasal verb

to succeed in overcoming or preventing

The old man beat off the youths who attacked him
He beat the attack off easily.
beat a (hasty) retreat

to go away in a hurry

batirse en retirada, retirarse precipitadamente, salir pitando, poner pies en polvorosa
The children beat a hasty retreat when the police officer appeared.
beat up phrasal verb

to punch, kick or hit (a person) severely and repeatedly

moler a palos
He beat someone up in a night club and was sent to prison.
off the beaten track

away from main roads, centres of population etc

lugar apartado/aislado
Their house is in the middle of the countryside, right off the beaten track.

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