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noun uk /ˈbrɪs.l̩/ us

a short, stiff hair, usually one of many

cerda, pelo
The old woman had a few grey bristles sprouting from her chin.

The bristles of a brush are the stiff hairs or pieces of plastic that are connected to it.

cerda, cerdas
The best quality men’s shaving brushes are made from badger bristle.
My toothbrush has blue and white plastic bristles.
bristly adjective uk /ˈbrɪs.li/ us

hirsuto, pinchudo
He had furry eyebrows and bristly (= short, sticking up) hair.
verb uk /ˈbrɪs.l̩/ us

(of hair) to stand up

The cat’s fur bristled and it arched its back.

to react angrily

She bristled at the suggestion that she had in any way neglected the child.

Phrasal Verb(s)

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noun /ˈbrisl/

a short, stiff hair on an animal or brush

The dog’s bristles rose when it was angry.
bristly adjective

having bristles; rough

que pincha, de pelos fuertes
a bristly moustache.

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