Übersetzung von “build” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /bɪld/ us /bɪld/ past tense and past participle built

A2 to make something by putting materials and parts together

He built his own house.
noun uk /bɪld/ us /bɪld/

the size and shape of a person’s body

He’s of medium build with short, brown hair.

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verb /bild/ (past tense, past participle built /-t/)

to form or construct from parts

builder noun

a person who builds houses etc

The builder who built our house has gone bankrupt.
building noun

the art or business of putting up (houses etc) (also adjective)

a building contractor.

anything built

The new supermarket is a very ugly building.
building site noun

a piece of land where something is being built; construction site

Área de Obra
He suffered the injury while working on a building site.
building society noun (plural building societies)

(British ) a business firm that lends money for building or buying houses; savings and loan association (American)

sociedad hipotecaria
She opened an account with a building society.
built-in adjective

forming a permanent part of the building etc

Built-in cupboards save space.
built-up adjective

covered with houses etc

a built-up area.
build up phrasal verb

to increase (the size or extent of)

The traffic begins to build up at around five o’clock.

to strengthen gradually (a business, one’s health, reputation etc)

His father built up that grocery business from nothing.

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