Übersetzung von “build up” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch

build up

phrasal verb with build uk /bɪld/ us /bɪld/ verb past tense and past participle built

to increase

aumentar, crecer
Traffic builds up in the late afternoon.


noun uk /ˈbɪld.ʌp/ us

an increase, especially one that is gradual

acumulación, aumento
The build-up of troops in the region makes war seem more likely.

a situation in which someone or something is praised, advertised, or talked about on the internet, in newspapers, etc.

The group got a big build-up before their tour, being touted by many as the next Beatles.

UK the period of preparation before something happens

There was a lot of excitement in the build-up to the Olympics.

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