Übersetzung von “calm” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /kɑːm/ us /kɑm/

B1 relaxed and not worried or frightened

a calm voice

B1 If the weather or the sea is calm, it is quiet and peaceful.

en calma
calmly adverb /kɑːm·li/ /kɑm·li/

in a relaxed way

con calma
He spoke slowly and calmly.
verb uk /kɑːm/ us /kɑm, kɑlm/

to make someone stop feeling upset, angry, or excited

The police tried to calm the crowd.
a calming effect

Phrasal Verb(s)

noun [ no plural ] uk /kɑːm/ us /kɑm/

calm conditions or behaviour


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adjective /kaːm/

still or quiet

en calma, tranquilo, apacible
a calm sea
The weather was calm.

not anxious or excited

tranquilo, sosegado, calmado
Please keep calm!
calmly adverb

con calma, tranquilamente
Do you have the ability to act calmly in the face of danger?
calmness noun

tranquilidad, calma
She reacted with calmness and did not lose her temper.
calm down phrasal verb

to make or become calm

tranquilizarse, calmarse
He tried to calm her down by giving her some brandy
Calm down!

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