Übersetzung von “care” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /keər/ us /keər/ present participle caring, past tense and past participle cared

B1 to feel interested in something or worried about it

She cares a lot about her appearance.
I, you, etc. don’t care

B1 used to say that something is not at all important to you

me, te, etc. da igual
I don’t care what she thinks.

B1 to love someone

I only worry about him because I care about him.
who cares? informal

used to emphasize that you do not think something is important

¿qué más da?
‘We’re going to be late.’ ‘Who cares?’

Phrasal Verb(s)

noun uk /keər/ us /keər/

[ no plural ] the process of protecting or looking after someone or something

with care


con cuidado
Drive with care.
take care

B1 to give a lot of attention to what you are doing, especially something dangerous

tener cuidado
The roads are very icy so take care when you drive home.
take care! informal

A2 used when saying goodbye to someone

See you soon, Bob – take care!
take care of someone/something

B1 to look after someone or something

cuidar de alguien/algo
My parents take care of the house while we’re away.

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noun /keə/

close attention

Do it with care.

keeping; protection

Your belongings will be safe in my care.

(a cause for) worry

She felt free from all the cares of the world.


cuidado, tratamiento
medical care
skin care.
careful adjective

taking care; being cautious

Be careful when you cross the street
a careful driver.


a careful search.
carefully adverb

She carefully carried the baby upstairs.
carefulness noun

Filling in the application form requires extreme carefulness.
careless adjective

not careful (enough)

descuidado, despreocupado
This work is careless
a careless worker.
carelessly adverb

a carelessly written essay.
carelessness noun

The mistake was due to carelessness.
carer noun

(British ) someone whose job is to look after a sick or disabled person; caregiver(American)

carefree adjective


He has a carefree attitude towards life.
care’giver noun

(American ) someone whose job is to look after a sick or disabled person; carer(British)

caretaker noun

(British ) a person who looks after a building; janitor(American)

conserje, bedel
a school caretaker.
careworn adjective

worn out by worry

preocupado, agobiado por problemas
a careworn face.
care for phrasal verb

to look after (someone)

The nurse will care for you.

to be fond of

I don’t care for him enough to marry him.
care of (usually written c/o)

at the house or address of.

a la atención de
take care

to be cautious, watchful, thorough etc

tener cuidado
Take care or you’ll fall over!
take care of

to look after

cuidar, estar al cuidado
Their aunt took care of them when their parents died.

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