Übersetzung von “case” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /keɪs/ us /keɪs/

A2 a large bag with a handle that you use for carrying clothes when you are travelling


A2 a container for storing or protecting something

a pencil case

B1 a particular situation or example of something

We usually ask for references, but in your case it will not be necessary.

something that is decided in a court of law

a divorce case

a crime that the police are trying to solve

a murder case
Local police have investigated 50 cases of burglary in the past month.
in case

B1 because something might happen

por si acaso
Bring a chair in case we don’t have enough.
I don’t think it will rain, but I’ll bring an umbrella just in case.
in case of something

B1 in preparation for something happening

en caso de algo
We keep a bucket of water here in case of fire.
be the case

to be true

ser el caso
A poor diet can make you tired, but I don’t think that’s the case here.
in any case

used to give another reason for something you are saying, or that you have done

en cualquier caso
I don’t want to go, and in any case, I wasn’t invited.
in that case

because that is the situation

en ese caso
‘Peter will be there.’ ‘Oh, in that case, I’ll come too.’

A2 a large bag with a handle that you use for carrying clothes when you are travelling


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noun /keis/

an instance or example

another case of tax evasion
a bad case of measles.

a particular situation

It’s different in my case.

(legal) a legal trial

The judge in this case has been very fair.

an argument or reason

There’s a good case for thinking he’s wrong.

(usually with the) a fact

I don’t think that’s really the case.

(linguistics ) a form of a pronoun (eg he or him), noun or adjective showing its relation to other words in the sentence.

case study noun (plural case studies)

a piece of research into the development of someone or something over a period of time

Estudio de Caso
a case study of the fast-food industry.
in case

in order to guard against a possibility

por si acaso
I’ll take an umbrella in case (it rains).
in case of

if (a particular thing) happens

en caso de que
In case of emergency, call the following numbers.
in that case

if that should happen or should have happened

en ese caso
You’re leaving? In that case, I’m leaving too.

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