Übersetzung von “chance” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /tʃɑːns/ us /tʃæns/

B1 the possibility that something will happen

There’s a chance that she’ll still be there.
She has a small chance of passing the exam.

B1 the opportunity to do something

I didn’t get a chance to talk to you at the party.

B1 [ no plural ] the way something happens because of luck, or without being planned

I saw her by chance.

a risk

There’s a chance of injury in almost any sport.
stand a chance

to have a chance of success or of doing something good

tener posibilidades
He stands a good chance of winning.
chances are…

it is likely

lo más probable es que…
Chances are that he’ll say no.
no chance!

used to say that there is no possibility of something happening

¡ni soñarlo!
‘Are you going to lend her any money?’ ‘No chance!’
verb uk /tʃɑːns/ us /tʃæns/ informal

to take a risk by doing something

arriesgarse a
He’d probably never find out if I did go to the party, but I can’t afford to chance it.

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noun /tʃaːns/

luck or fortune

suerte, by chance: por casualidad
It was by chance that I found out the truth.

an opportunity

oportunidad, ocasión
Now you have a chance to do well.

a possibility

He has no chance of winning.

(a) risk

There’s an element of chance in this business deal.
chancy adjective

(informal) risky or uncertain

a chancy arrangement.
chance on/upon phrasal verb

(formal) to meet by accident

encontrarse por casualidad
I chanced on a friend of yours.

(formal) to discover by accident

tropezarse con
I chanced upon some interesting information.
by any chance

used in enquiring about the possibility of something

por un casual, casualmente
Are you by any chance free tonight?
by chance

by luck; without planning

por casualidad, casualmente
They met by chance.
an even chance noun

equal probability for and against

igualdad de posibilidades
We have an even chance of success.
the chances are

it is likely (that)

es muy probable que
The chances are he can’t come tomorrow.

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