Übersetzung von “chat” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /tʃæt/ us /tʃæt/ present participle chatting, past tense and past participle chatted

A2 to talk with someone in a friendly way


A2 to communicate with someone on the internet by sending messages that you can read and reply to immediately

We were chatting till midnight.
noun uk /tʃæt/ us /tʃæt/

A2 a friendly conversation

We had a long chat on the phone yesterday.

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verb /tʃӕt/ (past tense, past participle chatted)

to talk in a friendly and informal way

charlar, hablar
They chatted about the weather.
chatty adjective (comparative chattier, superlative chattiest)

fond of chatting

hablador, parlanchín
a chatty old lady.

having a friendly style

a chatty letter.
chatroom noun

(computing) a place on the Internet where people can take part in real-time discussions, usually about a particular topic

Sala de Chat
We want everyone to enjoy using the chatrooms so we have guidelines that must be respected by all.
chat show noun

(British ) a television or radio show in which famous people are asked questions about their life and work; talk show (American)

Programa de Entrevistas
She hosts a chat show that is broadcast on Saturday evenings.

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