Übersetzung von “cheer” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /tʃɪər/ us /tʃɪər/

to shout loudly at someone that you like or want to encourage

gritar con entusiasmo, aclamar
The crowd cheered as he ran into the stadium.

Phrasal Verb(s)

noun uk /tʃɪər/ us /tʃɪər/

a shout that shows you like someone or want to encourage them


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noun /tʃiə/

a shout of approval, encouragement or welcome

viva, hurra
Three cheers for the Queen!

(formal, literary) mood

Be of good cheer.
cheerful adjective

full of, or causing, happiness

alegre, animado, risueño
a cheerful smile
cheerful news.
cheerfully adverb

She waved cheerfully to me as I went past her house.
cheerfulness noun

alegría, buen humor
His cheerfulness lifted everyone’s spirits.
cheerless adjective


a cheerless room.
cheers! interjection

used as a toast when drinking.


(British, informal) goodbye

¡adiós!, ¡hasta luego!
’Cheers! See you this evening.’

(British, informal) thank you

’Here’s the book you were looking for.’ ’Cheers!’
cheery adjective (comparative cheerier, superlative cheeriest)

lively and happy

alegre, lleno de alegría, optimista
He gave us a cheery wave.
cheerily adverb

He smiled cheerily.
cheeriness noun

She was noted for her cheeriness towards other people.
cheer up phrasal verb

to make or become (more cheerful)

He cheered up when he saw her
The flowers will cheer her up.

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