Übersetzung von “chop” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /tʃɒp/ us /tʃɑp/ present participle chopping, past tense and past participle chopped

to cut food into small pieces

picar, cortar en trocitos
Chop the onion and pepper.

to cut wood into smaller pieces with an axe so that it can be burned

I chopped some logs for the fire.
noun uk /tʃɒp/ us /tʃɑp/

a flat piece of meat with a bone in it

a lamb chop

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verb /tʃop/ (past tense, past participle chopped)

(sometimes with up) to cut (into small pieces)

cortar en trozos
He chopped up the vegetables.
chopper noun

an instrument for chopping

hacha pequeña; cuchilla de carnicero
a meat chopper.

(informal) a helicopter

a ride in a chopper.
choppy adjective (comparative choppier, superlative choppiest)

(of the sea) rough

picado, agitado
the choppy Atlantic waves.
choppiness noun

agitación del mar
The choppiness of the sea makes sailing difficult and dangerous.
chop and change

(British, informal ) to keep changing (especially one’s mind).

cambiar de opinión constantemente
I wish they’d stop chpping and changing, and make their minds up oce and for all.
chop down phrasal verb

to cause (especially a tree) to fall by cutting it with an axe

cortar, talar
He chopped down the fir tree.

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