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noun uk /klæmp/ us

a device made of wood or metal that is used to hold two things together tightly

tornillo de banco, abrazadera
Carefully tighten the clamp until it firmly supports the pipette in a vertical position.
verb uk /klæmp/ us

to fasten two things together, using a clamp to fasten two things together, using a device made of wood or metal that holds them tightly

sujetar con abrazaderas
Clamp the two pieces of wood (together) for 15 minutes.

mainly UK US boot If the police or another person in authority clamps a vehicle, they fix a metal device to one of its wheels, usually because it is parked illegally. The device is usually only removed when the owner pays an amount of money.

poner el cepo a
When I finally got back, I found my car had been clamped.
→ See also wheel clamp

Phrasal Verb(s)

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noun /klӕmp/

a piece of wood, iron etc used to fasten things together or to strengthen them.

grapa, clip
an adjustable clamp.
clamp down phrasal verb (with on)

to check or control strictly

poner freno a
The police are clamping down on drink-driving.

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