Übersetzung von “class” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /klɑːs/ us /klæs/

A1 a group of students who have lessons together

We were in the same class at school.

A1 a period of time in which students are taught something

My first class starts at 8.30.

A2 a group into which products, services, or people are put according to their standard


one of the groups in a society with the same social and economic position


a group of similar or related things, especially plants and animals


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noun /klaːs/ (plural classes)

a group of people or things that are alike in some way

Their Labrador won first prize in its class in the dog show.

(the system according to which people belong to) one of a number of economic/social groups

the upper class
the middle class
the working class
(also adjective) the class system.

a grade or rank (of merit)

musicians of a high class.

a number of students or scholars taught together

John and I are in the same class.

a school lesson or college lecture etc

a French class.

(American ) a course or series of lectures, often leading to an examination.

clase, lección
classy adjective (comparative classier, superlative classiest)

(informal) something that is classy is of high quality, stylish, and expensive

Con Clase

(informal) someone who is classy has very good taste and the ability to behave appropriately at all times

Con Clase
a classy lady.
classmate noun

a pupil in the same school class

The two men were classmates back in the 1970s.
classroom noun

a room in a school where a class is taught

clase, aula
(also adjective) classroom activities.

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