Übersetzung von “close” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /kləʊz/ us /kloʊz/ present participle closing, past tense and past participle closed

A1 If something closes, it moves so that it is not open. If you close something, you move it so that it is not open.

Jane closed the window.
Suddenly the door closed.

A2 If a shop, restaurant, etc. closes, people cannot go in it.

The supermarket closes at 8 p.m.

If a business closes, it stops operating.


Phrasal Verb(s)


adjective uk /kləʊs/ us /kloʊs/

A1 near in distance

His house is close to the sea.

A1 near in time

It was close to lunchtime when we arrived.

A2 If people are close, they know each other well and like each other

close friends

B1 A close relative is someone who is directly related to you, for example your mother, father, or brother.

There weren’t many people at the funeral – just close family.

A close competition is one in which people’s scores are very similar.


looking at or listening to someone or something very carefully

Keep a close watch on the children (= watch them carefully).
adverb uk /kləʊs/ us /kloʊs/

B1 near in distance

They sat close together.


noun [ no plural ] /kləʊz/ us /kloʊz/

the end of something

They finally reached an agreement at the close of a week of negotiations.
The year was drawing to a close.

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adverb /kləus/

near in time, place etc

cerca( de)
He stood close to his mother
Follow close behind.

tightly; neatly

con estrechez
a close-fitting dress.
closely adverb

mucho, detenidamente, estrechamente
Look closely at him
She resembles her father closely.
closeness noun

The closeness of the beach is one the hotel’s major attractions.
close call/shave noun

(informal) a narrow (often lucky) escape

salvarse por los pelos
That was a close shave – that car nearly ran you over.
close-set adjective

(of eyes etc) positioned very near each other

She has a narrow face with close-set eyes.
close-up noun

a photograph or film taken near the subject and thus big in scale

primer plano
The close-up of the model showed her beautiful skin.
close at hand

nearby; not far off

al alcance de la mano
My mother lives close at hand.
close on

almost; nearly

casi, cerca de
She’s close on sixty.
close to

near in time, place, relationship etc

cerca de
It was close to 3 o’clock when we arrived
They live close to the hospital
He is very close to his mother.

almost; nearly

He must be close to fifty years of age.

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