Übersetzung von “code” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /kəʊd/ us /koʊd/

a set of letters, numbers, or signs that are used instead of ordinary words to keep a message secret

It was written in code.

UK a set of numbers used at the beginning of a phone number for a particular area

verb uk /kəʊd/ us /koʊd/

to represent a message in code so that it can only be understood by the person who is meant to receive it

cifrar, poner en clave

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noun /kəud/

a collection of laws or rules

a code of behaviour/behavior.

a (secret) system of words, letters, or symbols

the Morse Code
The message was in code
We have deciphered the enemy’s code.

a system of symbols etc for translating one type of language into another

There are a number of codes for putting English into a form usable by a computer.
code switching noun

(linguistics) the practice of changing between two or more languages or language varieties, especially within a single conversation

Alternancia de Código
Code switching occurs when bilinguals substitute a word or phrase from one language with a phrase or word from another language.

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