Übersetzung von “continue” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /kənˈtɪn·juː/ us /kənˈtɪn·ju/ present participle continuing, past tense and past participle continued

B1 to keep happening or doing something

It continued to snow heavily for three days.
Ava continued working until June.

B1 to start doing or saying something again, after stopping

We’ll have to continue this discussion tomorrow.

to go further in a particular direction

Continue down the road until you reach Elm Street.

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verb /kənˈtinjuː/

to go on being, doing etc; to last or keep on

She continued to run
They continued running
He will continue in his present job
The noise continued for several hours
The road continues for 150 kilometres.

to go on (with) often after a break or pause

continuar, proseguir
He continued his talk after the interval
This story is continued on p.53.
continual adjective

very frequent; repeated many times

continuo, repetido
continual interruptions.
continually adverb

She was continually in his thoughts.
continuation noun

the act of continuing, often after a break or pause

the continuation of his studies.

something which carries on, especially a further part of a story etc

This is a continuation of what he said last week.
continuity /kon-/ noun

the state of being continuous or logically related

It is important to children to have some continuity in their education.

the detailed arrangement of the parts of a story etc for a film script etc.

(also adjective) a continuity girl.
continuous adjective

joined together, or going on, without interruption

a continuous series
continuous rain
continuous movement.
continuously adverb

continuamente, sin interrupción
It rained continuously all day.
continual means frequent, again and again. continuous means non-stop, without interruption.

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