Übersetzung von “correspond” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /ˌkɒr·ɪˈspɒnd/ us /ˌkɔr·əˈspɑnd, ˌkɑr·əˈspɑnd/

to be the same or very similar

The newspaper story does not correspond with/to what really happened.

to communicate with someone by writing letters

They had corresponded ever since the war.

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verb /korəˈspond/

(with to) to be similar; to match

corresponder a, equivaler a
A bird’s wing corresponds to the arm and hand in humans.

(with with) to be in agreement with; to match

concordar, ir bien con
These results correspond with those of earlier experiments.

to communicate by letter (with)

mantener correspondencia con, cartearse con
Do they often correspond (with each other)?
correspondence noun

agreement; similarity or likeness

a close correspondence between the two sets of test results.

(communication by) letters

I must deal with that (big pile of) correspondence.
correspondent noun

a person with whom one exchanges letters

He has correspondents all over the world.

a person who contributes news to a newspaper etc

He’s foreign correspondent for ’The Times’.
corresponding adjective

similar, matching

The rainfall this month is not as high as for the corresponding month last year.
correspondence course noun

a course of lessons by post

curso por correspondencia/a distancia

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