Übersetzung von “crack” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb /kræk/ us /kræk/

to break something so that thin lines appear on its surface, or to become broken in this way

rajar(se), agrietar(se)
Linda cracked her tooth when she fell.
The glass cracked in my hand.

to make a sudden, short noise

hacer un chasquido, crujir

Phrasal Verb(s)

noun uk /kræk/ us /kræk/

a line on the surface of something that is damaged

Several cups had cracks in them.

a narrow space between two parts of something or between two things

I could see sunlight through a crack in the curtains.

a sudden, short noise

crujido, estallido
a crack of thunder

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verb /krӕk/

to (cause to) break partly without falling to pieces

rajarse, resquebrajarse
The sheet of glass had cracked down the middle.

to break (open)

abrir, romper, cascar
He cracked the peanuts between his finger and thumb.

to make a sudden sharp sound of breaking

crujir, chasquear
The twig cracked as I stepped on it.

to make (a joke)

contar chistes
He’s always cracking jokes.

to open (a safe) by illegal means

The thieves cracked the safe and got away with nearly £10,000.

to solve (a code)

resolver, descifrar
They managed to crack the enemy’s communication code.

to give in to torture or similar pressures

rendirse, rajarse, sucumbir, caer
The spy finally cracked under their questioning and told them everything he knew.
cracked adjective

damaged by cracks

rajado, agrietado
a cracked cup.

(informal) crazy

tarado, chiflado
She must be cracked!
crackdown noun

medidas enérgicas (contra), supresión (de)
There has been a recent police crackdown on drunk driving.
cracker noun

a thin crisp biscuit

galleta salada

a small exploding firework


a decorated paper tube, containing paper hats etc, which gives a loud crack when pulled apart.

triquitraque, sorpresa (Navideña)
a Christmas cracker.
crackers adjective

(informal) crazy

chiflado, loco
You must be crackers to believe that!
crack down (on) phrasal verb

to act firmly against

castigar severamente, tomar medidas severas (contra)
The police have cracked down on drug dealers
The government has promised to crack down on illegal immigration.
get cracking

(informal) to get moving quickly

salir disparado/pitando
You’d better get cracking if you want to get to school on time.
have a crack (at)

(informal) to have a try at.

intentar, probar
I thought I’d have a crack at learning Japanese.

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