Die Übersetzung von "depute" - Englisch-Spanisch-Wörterbuch


verb /diˈpjuːt/

(formal ) to appoint a person to take over a task etc

delegar, comisionar
Devi deputed him to safeguard the entrance.

(formal ) to hand over (a task etc) to someone else to do for one.

delegar, encomendar
deputation /depju-/ noun

a group of people appointed to represent others

The miners sent a deputation to the Prime Minister.
deputize /ˈdepju-/ verb ( (also deputiseBritish))

to act as a deputy

suplir, sustituir
She deputized for her father at the meeting.
deputy /ˈdepjuti/ noun (plural deputies)

someone appointed to help a person and take over some of his jobs if necessary

suplente, sustituto
While the boss was ill, his deputy ran the office.

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