Übersetzung von “dog” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /dɒɡ/ us /dɔɡ/

A1 an animal with fur, four legs, and a tail, often kept as a pet

go to the dogs

informal If a country or organization is going to the dogs, it is becoming very much less successful than it was in the past.

irse a pique
let sleeping dogs lie

said to warn someone that they should not talk about a bad situation that most people have forgotten about

más vale dejarlo estar

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noun /doɡ/

a domestic, meat-eating animal related to the wolf and fox

It’s time to take the dog for a walk.
dogged /ˈdoɡid/ adjective

keeping on at what one is doing in a determined and persistent manner

terco, tenaz, obstinado
His dogged determination enabled him to complete the marathon.
doggedly /-ɡid-/ adverb

tenazmente, obstinadamente
He went doggedly on with his work despite the interruptions.
doggedness /-ɡid-/ noun

his doggedness in the face of adversity.
dog biscuit noun

a small hard biscuit fed to dogs.

galleta para perro
dog collar noun

(informal) a stiff round collar worn by a clergyman.


a collar around a dog’s neck.

collar de perro
dog-eared adjective

(of a book) having the pages turned down at the corner

sobado, con las esquinas dobladas
dog-eared volumes
Several pages were dog-eared.
dog-tired adjective

(informal) very tired

rendido, hecho polvo, muerto de cansancio
He was dog-tired after the long flight.
a dog’s life noun

a wretched existence

una vida de perros
He leads a dog’s life.
go to the dogs

(informal ) be ruined, especially to ruin oneself

venirse abajo, arruinarse
Everything went to the dogs after he started drinking heavily.
in the doghouse

(informal) disgrace

en desgracia
He’s in the doghouse because he forgot his wife’s birthday.
not a dog’s chance

no chance at all

no tener ni la más remota posibilidad
He hasn’t a dog’s chance of getting a ticket.

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