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adjective uk /ˈdɒm.ɪ.nənt/ us /ˈdɑː.mə-/

A more important, strong, or noticeable than anything else of the same type

a dominant military power
Unemployment will be a dominant issue at the next election.

specialized biology A dominant gene is one that always produces a particular characteristic in a person, plant, or animal.

The gene for brown eyes is dominant.
→ Compare recessive
dominance noun [ no plural ] uk /-nəns/ us

Music companies have profited from the dominance of CDs over vinyl records.

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adjective /ˈdominənt/

ruling; most important; strongest

the dominant group in society
Green was the dominant colour in the room.
dominance noun

dominio, control, preponderancia
Has Manchester United’s dominance of English football finally come to an end?
dominate /-neit/ verb

to have command or influence (over)

She tends to dominate her husband.

to be most strong or most noticeable etc (in)

The skyline is dominated by the castle.
domination noun

dominación, dominio
the company’s domination of the market.
dominant trait noun

(biology) a genetically determined characteristic which will be expressed if one of the parents possesses the gene for it.

Rasgo Dominante

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