Übersetzung von “doubt” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /daʊt/ us /dɑʊt/

B1 a state of being uncertain about something, or not trusting someone or something

I have some doubts about his ability to do the job.
have no doubt

B1 to be certain

no tener dudas
I have no doubt that I made the right decision.
there is no doubt

B1 it is certain

no hay duda
There is no doubt that he’s a good player.
be in doubt

to not be certain

ser incierto
The future of the project is in doubt.
without (a) doubt


sin duda
She is without doubt a great writer.
no doubt

used to say that something is very likely

sin duda
No doubt she’ll spend the money on her son.
verb uk /daʊt/ us /dɑʊt/

to not feel certain about something or think that something will not happen

I doubt that I’ll get the job.

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verb /daut/

to feel uncertain about, but inclined not to believe

I doubt if he’ll come now
He might have a screwdriver, but I doubt it.

not to be sure of the reliability of

dudar de
Sometimes I doubt your intelligence!
doubtful adjective

feeling doubt; uncertain what to think, expect etc

He is doubtful about the future of the school.

able to be doubted; not clear

dudoso, incierto
The outcome is doubtful
a doubtful result.

uncertain but rather unlikely, unhopeful etc

dudoso, poco probable
It is doubtful whether this will work
a doubtful improvement.


dudoso, sospechoso
He’s rather a doubtful character.
doubtfully adverb

Shelooked at him doubtfully, unsure whether or not to trust him.
doubtfulness noun

She slowly overcame her doubtfulness.
doubtless adverb


sin duda, seguramente
John has doubtless told you about me.
beyond doubt


sin duda alguna, fuera de toda duda
Beyond doubt, they will arrive tomorrow
His honesty is beyond doubt.
in doubt


The success of the treatment is still in doubt.
no doubt

surely; probably

sin duda, seguramente
No doubt you would like to see your bedroom
He will come back again tomorrow, no doubt.

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