Übersetzung von “drive” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /draɪv/ us /drɑɪv/ present participle driving, past tense drove, past participle driven

A1 to make a car, bus, or train move, and control what it does

She’s learning to drive.

A1 to travel somewhere in a car, or to take someone somewhere in a car

ir/llevar en coche
Annie drove me home last night.
drive someone mad, crazy, etc.

to make someone extremely annoyed

sacar a alguien de sus casillas
He leaves dirty clothes all over the floor and it’s driving me mad.
drive someone crazy, nuts, etc.

to make someone extremely annoyed

sacar a alguien de sus casillas
He leaves dirty clothes all over the floor and it’s driving me crazy.
drive a hard bargain

to expect a lot in exchange for what you pay or do

imponer condiciones duras
noun uk /draɪv/ us /drɑɪv/

B1 a journey in a car

viaje en coche
The drive from Boston to New York took four hours.

B1 a part of a computer that can keep information

unidad de disco
Save your work on the C: drive.

the area of ground that you drive on to get from your house to the road

camino de acceso
You can park on the drive.

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verb /draiv/ (past tense drove /drouv/, past participle driven /ˈdrivn/)

to control or guide (a car etc)

Do you want to drive (the car), or shall I?

to take, bring etc in a car

llevar (en coche)
My mother is driving me to the airport.

to force or urge along

Two men and a dog were driving a herd of cattle across the road.

to hit hard

hincar, clavar, mandar
He drove a nail into the door
He drove a golfball from the tee.

to cause to work by providing the necessary power

hacer funcionar, mover, impulsar
This mill is driven by water.
driver noun

a person who drives a car etc

a bus driver.
driving noun

the activity of driving a vehicle or the way that someone drives

She was charged with dangerous driving.
driver’s license noun

(American) a driving licence.

permiso de conducir, carnet de conducir
drive-in adjective

(of a cinema, café etc , especially in North America) catering for people who remain in their cars while watching a film, eating etc

autocine, autobanco…
a drive-in movie.
drive-through adjective

that one may drive through (and do something without getting out of the car)

autobanco, autorrestaurante, autozoo
a drive-through restaurant.
driveway noun

a wide path for a car in front of someone’s house

Acceso para el Auto
There was a van parked in the driveway.
driving licence noun

a licence for driving a road vehicle.

permiso de conducir, carnet de conducir
be driving at

to be trying to say or suggest

insinuar, querer decir
I don’t know what you’re driving at.
drive off phrasal verb

to leave or go away in a car etc

arrancar y partir
He got into a van and drove off.

to keep away

A horse uses its tail to drive off flies.

in golf, to make the first stroke from the tee.

hacer el tiro de salida
drive on phrasal verb

to carry on driving a car etc

seguir (adelante)
Drive on – we haven’t time to stop!

to urge strongly forward

It was ambition that drove him on.

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