Übersetzung von “drop” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /drɒp/ us /drɑp/ present participle dropping, past tense and past participle dropped

B1 to fall or let something fall

caerse, dejar caer
She tripped and dropped the vase.

If you drop a plan, activity, class, or idea, you stop doing or planning it.

abandonar, dejar
Plans for a new supermarket have been dropped.
Is it too late to drop your art class?

If a level or amount drops, it becomes less.

Unemployment has dropped from eight percent to six percent in the last year.

to take someone or something to a place, usually by car as you travel somewhere else

llevar en coche
I can drop you at the station on my way to work.
noun uk /drɒp/ us /drɑp/

B1 a small, round-shaped amount of liquid

I felt a few drops of rain.

a fall in the level or amount of something

There has been a drop in crime recently.

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noun /drop/

a small round or pear-shaped blob of liquid, usually falling

a drop of rain.

a small quantity (of liquid)

gota, culo (de vaso/botella)
If you want more wine, there’s a drop left.

an act of falling

caída, descenso
a drop in temperature.

a vertical descent

From the top of the mountain there was a sheer drop of a thousand feet.
droplet /-lit/ noun

a tiny drop

droplets of rain.
droppings noun plural

excrement (of animals or birds).

excremento, caca
drop-down menu noun

(computing) a list of choices that appears on a computer screen and remains in place until you choose one of them

Menú Despegable
Click on one of the options on the drop-down menu.
drop-out noun

a person who withdraws, especially from a course at a university etc or the normal life of society

estudiante que deja los estudios, marginado
a college drop-out.
drop a brick / drop a clanger

(British, informal) unknowingly to say or do something extremely tactless

meter la pata
I dropped a clanger when I accidentally mentioned his ex-girlfriend.
drop back phrasal verb

to slow down; to fall behind

quedarse atrás
I was at the front of the race, but I dropped back when I got tired near the end.
drop by phrasal verb

to visit someone casually and without being invited

pasar por
I’ll drop by at his house on my way home.
drop in phrasal verb

to arrive informally to visit someone

pasarse (por)
Do drop in (on me) if you happen to be passing!
drop off phrasal verb

to become separated or fall off

soltarse, caerse
The door handle dropped off
This button dropped off your coat.

to fall asleep

I was so tired I dropped off in front of the television.

to allow to get off a vehicle

Drop me off at the corner.
drop out phrasal verb (often with of)

to withdraw from a group, from a course at university, or from the normal life of society

There are only two of us going to the theatre now Mary has dropped out
She’s dropped out of college.

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