Übersetzung von “dry” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /draɪ/ us /drɑɪ/ comparative drier, superlative driest

A2 without water or liquid on the surface

dry paint
Is your hair dry yet?

without rain

a dry summer
a dry region

Dry wine is not sweet.

as dry as a bone

extremely dry

completamente seco
I don’t think he’s been watering these plants – the soil is as dry as a bone.
dryness noun [ no plural ] uk /ˈdraɪ·nəs/ us /drɑɪ·nəs/

verb uk /draɪ/ us /drɑɪ/ present participle drying, past tense and past participle dried

A2 to become dry, or to make something become dry

He dried his hands on a towel.

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adjective /drai/ (comparative drier, superlative driest)

having little, or no, moisture, sap, rain etc

The ground is very dry
The leaves are dry and withered
I need to find dry socks for the children.

uninteresting and not lively

a very dry book.

(of humour/humor or manner) quiet, restrained

agudo, mordaz
a dry wit.

(of wine) not sweet

a dry sherry.
dried adjective

(of food) having had moisture removed for the purpose of preservation

dried flowers
dried fruit.
drier noun ( dryer)

a machine etc that dries

secadora, secador
a hair-dryer.
drily adverb ( dryly)

in a quiet, restrained (and humorous) manner

secamente, irónicamente
He commented drily on the untidiness of the room.
dryness noun

the dryness of the land due to drought.
dry cell noun

(physics) an electric cell in which the electrolyte is in the form of a paste so as to prevent chemicals spilling out of the container

Bateria Electrica
Portable radios are commonly powered by dry cells.
dry-clean verb

to clean (clothes etc) with chemicals, not with water.

limpiar en seco
dry-cleaner’s noun

a shop where you can take your clothes to be dry-cleaned

Limpieza en Seco
I need to pick my suit up from the dry-cleaner’s.
dry ice noun

solid carbon dioxide which is used for creating mist as a theatrical effect or to keep things cold, such as food.

Hielo Seco
dry land noun

the land as opposed to the sea etc

tierra firme
We were relieved to reach dry land after the storm.
dry off phrasal verb

to make or become completely dry

She climbed out of the swimming pool and dried off in the sun.
dry up phrasal verb

to lose water; to cease running etc completely

All the rivers dried up in the heat.

to become used up

Supplies of bandages have dried up.

to make dry

The sun dried up the puddles in the road.

(of a speaker) to forget what he is going to say

quedarse en blanco
He dried up in the middle of his speech.

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