Übersetzung von “early” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adverb uk /ˈɜː·li/ us /ˈɜr·li/ comparative earlier, superlative earliest

A2 before the usual time or the time that was planned

antes de tiempo
The plane arrived ten minutes early.
early on

in the first stage or part of something

al principio
I lost interest quite early on in the book.
adjective uk /ˈɜː·li/ us /ˈɜr·li/ comparative earlier, superlative earliest

A1 near the beginning of a period of time, process, etc.

primer(o), principios de
It was early and the sun was rising.
the early 1980s
in the early morning

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adverb /ˈəːli/ (comparative earlier, superlative earliest)

near the beginning (of a period of time etc)

en los inicios, al principio; pronto; temprano
early in my life
early in the afternoon.

sooner than others; sooner than usual; sooner than expected or than the appointed time

He arrived early
She came an hour early.
earliness noun

prontitud; precocidad
Despite the earliness of the hour, there were plenty of people in the streets.
early bird noun

someone who gets up early or who acts before others do.


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