Übersetzung von “expect” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /ɪkˈspekt/ us /ɪkˈspekt/

B1 to think that something will happen

He didn’t expect to see me.
I expect that she’ll be very angry about this.
be expecting someone/something

B1 to be waiting for someone or something to arrive

estar esperando a alguien/algo
We’ve been expecting you.

to think that someone should do a particular thing

You will be expected to work some weekends.
be expecting

to be going to have a baby

estar embarazada (de)
I’m expecting my first baby in May.
I expect (that)… mainly UK

used to show that you think that something is true

espero (que)…
‘Will you be coming to the party?’ ‘I expect so.’

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verb /ikˈspekt/

to think of as likely to happen or come

I’m expecting a letter today
We expect her on tomorrow’s train.

to think or believe (that something will happen)

esperar; creer
He expects to be home tomorrow
I expect that he will go
’Will she go too?’ ’I expect so’ / ’I don’t expect so’ / ’I expect not.’

to require

They expect high wages for their extremely skilled work
You are expected to tidy your own room.

to suppose or assume

I expect (that) you’re tired.
expectancy noun

the state of expecting or hoping

a feeling/look/air of expectancy.
expectant adjective

full of hope or expectation

the expectant faces of the audience.

expecting (a baby)

encinta, embarazada
an expectant mother.
expectantly adverb

con expectación
The dog was looking at her expectantly.
expectation /ekspek-/ noun

the state of expecting

In expectation of a wage increase, he bought a washing-machine.

what is expected

He failed his exam, contrary to expectation(s)
Did the concert come up to your expectations?

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