Übersetzung von “fat” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /fæt/ us /fæt/ comparative fatter, superlative fattest

A1 Someone who is fat weighs too much.

She eats all the time but never gets fat.
→ Opposite thin
noun uk /fæt/ us /fæt/

a solid or liquid substance like oil that is taken from plants or animals and used in cooking


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noun /fӕt/ (comparative fatter, superlative fattest)

an oily substance made by the bodies of animals and by some plants

This meat has got a lot of fat on it.

a kind of such substance, used especially for cooking

manteca, grasa
There are several good cooking fats on the market.
fatness noun

trends in the fatness of young people.
fatten verb

(often with up) to make or become fat

They are fattening up a turkey to eat at Christmas.
fattening adjective

making you fat

que engorda
Try to avoid fattening foods such as cake.
fatty adjective (comparative fattier, superlative fattiest)

containing, or like, fat

This meat is very fatty.
fattiness noun

fat-head noun

(informal) a stupid person.

estúpido, imbécil

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