Übersetzung von “friend” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /frend/ us /frend/

A1 someone that you know well and like

amigo, -a
Sarah is my best friend (= the friend I like most).

A2 a person you write to on an internet site

amigo, -a
I’ve just added Adam as a friend on Facebook.
make friends (with someone)

B1 to begin to know and like someone

hacer amigos, hacerse amigo de alguien
He’s shy and finds it difficult to make friends.
be friends (with someone)

B1 to know and like someone

ser amigos, ser amigo de alguien
I’ve been friends with Lynne for years.
verb uk /frend/ us /frend/

to connect with someone on a social website so that you can share information, pictures, etc.

conectar con
A lot of people from my old job have friended me.


noun uk /frend/ us /frend/

a Quaker

cuáquero, -a

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noun /frend/

someone who knows and likes another person very well

He is my best friend.

a person who acts in a friendly and generous way to people etc he or she does not know

She is a friend to animals.
friendless adjective

without friends

sin amigos
He found himself alone and friendless in the world.
friendly adjective (comparative friendlier, superlative friendliest)

kind and willing to make friends

simpático, amigable
She is very friendly to everybody.
friendship noun

the state of being friends

an act of friendship.

a particular relationship between two friends

Our friendship grew through the years.
make friends (with)

to start a friendly relationship; to become friends with someone

trabar amistad con alguien, hacerse amigo de alguien
The child tried to make friends with the dog.

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