Übersetzung von “full” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /fʊl/ us /fʊl/

A2 If a container or a space is full, it contains as many things or people as possible

a full bottle of water

A2 containing a lot of things or people

The room was full of people.

A2 complete and including every part

completo, detallado
Please give your full name and address.

B1 the greatest possible

We were driving at full speed all the way.
in full

B1 completely and with nothing missing

en su totalidad
The bill must be paid in full by the end of the month.

informal UK also full up having eaten enough food

No more for me, thanks, I’m full.
be full of yourself

to think that you are very important

ser un creído

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adjective /ful/

holding or containing as much as possible

My basket is full.


completo, entero
a full year
a full account of what happened.

(of clothes) containing a large amount of material

holgado, amplio; de mucho vuelo; de etiqueta, de gala
a full skirt.
fully adverb


completamente, enteramente, plenamente
He was fully aware of what was happening
fully-grown dogs.

quite; at least

por lo menos, como mínimo
It will take fully three days.
full-length adjective

complete; of the usual or standard length

completa, extenso
a full-length novel.

down to the feet

de cuerpo entero
a full-length portrait.
full moon noun

(the time of) the moon when it appears at its most complete

luna llena
There is a full moon tonight.
full-scale adjective

(of a drawing etc) of the same size as the subject

de tamaño natural
a full-scale drawing of a flower.
full stop noun

a written or printed point (.) marking the end of a sentence; period.

punto y aparte
full-time adjective, adverb

occupying one’s working time completely

a tiempo completo, jornada completa
a full-time job
She works full-time now.
fully-fledged adjective

(as in bird) having grown its feathers and ready to fly.

hecho y derecho, con pleno derecho; (pájaro) adulto, en edad de volar

fully trained, qualified etc

con todas las de la ley
He’s now a fully-fledged teacher.
full of

filled with; containing or holding very much or very many

lleno de
The bus was full of people.

completely concerned with

afectado, preocupado por
She rushed into the room, full of the news.
in full


completo, entero
Write your name in full
He paid his bill in full.
to the full

to the greatest possible extent

plenamente, a fondo, por completo, al máximo
She always tries to enjoy life to the full.

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