Übersetzung von “gloss” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /ɡlɒs/ us /ɡlɑːs/

a smooth, shiny appearance on the surface of something

Marble can be polished to a high gloss.
This varnish provides a long-lasting and hard-wearing gloss finish.

[ no plural ] paint that produces a smooth, shiny appearance on a surface

pintura de esmalte
We’ll need a litre of gloss (paint) to cover the woodwork.
All the shades are available in matt or gloss.
→ Compare matt

[ no plural ] a substance used to make your lips, hair, or skin appear shiny

lip gloss

an explanation for a word or phrase

Difficult expressions are explained in the glosses at the bottom of the page.
verb uk /ɡlɒs/ us /ɡlɑːs/

to provide an explanation for a word or phrase

In the school edition of the book, the older and more rare words have been glossed.

Phrasal Verb(s)

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noun /ɡlos/

brightness or shininess on the surface

lustre, brillo
Her hair has a lovely gloss
(also adjective) gloss paint.
glossary /-səri/ noun (plural glossaries)

a list of words etc with their meanings

a glossary of technical terms
a Shakespeare glossary.
glossy adjective (comparative glossier, superlative glossiest)

smooth and shining

lustroso, brillante, reluciente
The dog has a glossy coat.
glossiness noun

brillo, lustre
the glossiness of the photo paper.
gloss over phrasal verb

to try to hide (a mistake etc)

disimular, suavizar, atenuar; encubrir
He glossed over the fact that he had forgotten the previous appointment by talking about his accident.

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