Übersetzung von “god” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /ɡɒd/ us /ɡɑd/

A2 in certain religions, the being that made the universe and controls it

oh my God! informal

B1 used to emphasize how surprised, angry, shocked, etc. you are

¡Dios mío!
Oh my God! My car’s been stolen.
thank God informal

B1 something you say when you are happy because something bad did not happen

gracias a Dios
Thank God nobody was hurt in the accident.

a spirit, especially a male one, that people pray to

the ancient Greek gods and goddesses


noun uk /ɡɒd/ us /ɡɑːd/

A2E (in some religions) the being who made the universe and is believed to have an effect on all things

Do you believe in God?

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noun /ɡod/

(with capital ) the creator and ruler of the world (in the Christian, Jewish etc religions).


(feminine goddess) a supernatural being who is worshipped

dios; diosa
the ancient gods of Greece and Rome.
godly adjective


a godly man/life.
godliness noun

godchild nouns ( goddaughter, godson)

a child who has a godparent or godparents.

ahijado; ahijada
godfather nouns ( godmother, godparent)

a person who, at a child’s baptism, promises to take an active interest in its welfare.

padrino; madrina
godsend noun

a very welcome piece of unexpected good luck

regalo llovido del cielo, bendición
Your cheque was an absolute godsend.

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