Übersetzung von “ground” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


uk /ɡraʊnd/ us /ɡrɑʊnd/

past tense and past participle of grind

pasado simple y participio pasado de “grind”
noun /ɡraʊnd/ us /ɡrɑʊnd/
the ground

B1 the surface of the earth

el suelo
I sat down on the ground.

[ no plural ] the soil in an area

The ground was soft after the rain.

B1 UK an area of land used for a particular activity

a football ground
grounds [ plural ]

the land around a building

jardines, terreno
the grounds of the hospital
Smoking is not allowed on school grounds.
grounds [ plural ]

a reason for doing or believing something

I refused on the grounds that (= because) it was too risky.
We have grounds to believe that you have been lying to us.

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noun /ɡraund/

the solid surface of the Earth

She was lying on the ground
high ground.

a piece of land used for some purpose

terreno, campo
a football ground.
grounding noun

the teaching of the basic facts of a subject

base, conocimientos
This course will give students a good grounding in mathematics.
groundless adjective

without reason

infundado, sin fundamentos
Your fears are groundless.
grounds noun plural

the garden or land round a large house etc

terreno, jardines
the castle grounds.

good reasons

razones, motivos
Have you any grounds for calling him a liar?

the powder which remains in a cup (eg of coffee) which one has drunk

poso, posos
coffee grounds.
ground floor noun

(British ) the rooms of a building which are at street level; first floor(American)

planta baja
My office is on the ground floor
(also adjective) a ground-floor flat.
groundbreaking adjective

making new discoveries, using new methods, or achieving new results

a groundbreaking discovery/piece of work/study.
groundwork noun

work done in preparation for beginning a project etc

trabajo preparatorio/preliminar, bases del trabajo
We’ve completed most of the groundwork for our research project.
break new ground

to deal with a subject for the first time

abrir nuevos caminos/horizontes
Scientists have broken new ground in the field of human genetics.
cover ground

to deal with a certain amount of work etc

tratar de cierto aspecto, abarcar
We’ve covered a lot of ground at this morning’s meeting.
get (something) off the ground

to get (a project etc) started

poner en marcha, ponerse manos a la obra, despegar, iniciar
We’re hoping to get the project off the ground over the next few days.
hold one’s ground

to refuse to move back or retreat when attacked

mantenerse firme
Although many were killed, the soldiers held their ground.
lose ground

to (be forced to) move back or retreat

perder terreno
The general sent in reinforcements when he saw that his troops were losing ground.

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