Übersetzung von “grow” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /ɡrəʊ/ us /ɡroʊ/ past tense grew, past participle grown

A2 to become bigger or taller as time passes

Children grow very quickly.

A2 If a plant grows, or you grow it, it develops from a seed to a full plant.

crecer, cultivar
These plants grow well in sandy soil.

B1 to increase

The problem grows every year.

to become

We’ve grown older.

B1 If your hair or nails grow, or if you grow them, they get longer.

crecer, dejar crecer

Phrasal Verb(s)

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verb /ɡrəu/ (past tense grew /ɡruː/, past participle grown)

(of plants) to develop

Carrots grow well in this soil.

to become bigger, longer etc

My hair has grown too long
Our friendship grew as time went on.

to cause or allow to grow

He has grown a beard.

(with into) to change into, in becoming mature

hacerse, convertirse en
Your daughter has grown into a beautiful woman.

to become

It’s growing dark.
grower noun

a person who grows (plants etc)

a tomato grower.
grown adjective


a grown man
These deer are fully grown.
growth // noun

the act or process of growing, increasing, developing etc

crecimiento, desarrollo
the growth of trade unionism.

something that has grown

crecimiento, salida (de pelo); (of beard) barba
a week’s growth of beard.

the amount by which something grows

We measured the growth of the plant over a two-week period.

something unwanted which grows

a cancerous growth.
grown-up noun

an adult.

All children must be accompanied by a grown-up.
grown-up adjective

mature; adult; fully grown

adulto, grande, mayor
Her children are grown up now
a grown-up daughter.
grow on phrasal verb

to gradually become liked

gustar cada vez más, llegar a gustar, terminar gustando
I didn’t like the painting at first, but it has grown on me.
grow up phrasal verb

to become an adult

crecer, hacerse mayor
I’m going to be an train driver when I grow up.

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