Übersetzung von “guard” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /ɡɑːd/ us /ɡɑrd/

B1 someone whose job is to protect a person or make sure that a person does not escape

guardia, guarda
prison guards
be on your guard

to be ready to do something if a problem happens

estar atento
Companies were warned to be on their guard for suspicious packages.
verb uk /ɡɑːd/ us /ɡɑrd/

to protect someone or something so that no one attacks the person or thing, or steals the thing

vigilar, escoltar
Soldiers guarded the main doors of the embassy.

to watch someone and make certain that they do not escape

Five prison officers guarded the prisoners.

the Guard


informal for the National Guard

la Guardia Nacional

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verb /ɡaːd/

to protect from danger or attack

guardar, proteger, defender
The soldiers were guarding the king/palace.

to prevent (a person) escaping, (something) happening

The soldiers guarded their prisoners
Try to guard against making silly mistakes.
guarded adjective


cauteloso, prudente
He gave guarded replies to the journalist’s questions.
guardedly adverb

cautelosamente, prudentemente
She phrased her answers guardedly.
guard of honour ( guard of honor)

soldiers or other people who are lined up as an honour to someone important

guardia de honor
A guard of honour greeted the President at the airport.
keep guard (on)

vigilar, montar guardia
The soldiers kept guard (on the prisoner).
off guard


He hit me while I was off guard
The goalkeeper was caught off guard by the long-distance shot .
on guard


en guardia, en alerta
Be on your guard against his tricks.
stand guard

to be on duty as a guard

montar guardia, vigilar
He stood guard at the gates.

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