Übersetzung von “guide” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /ɡaɪd/ us /ɡɑɪd/

A2 someone whose job is to show interesting places to visitors

a tour guide

B1 a book that gives information about something or tells you how to do something

a hotel/restaurant guide
a user’s guide
verb uk /ɡaɪd/ us /ɡɑɪd/ present participle guiding, past tense and past participle guided

B1 to help someone or something go somewhere

He gently guided her back to her chair.

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verb /ɡaid/

to lead, direct or show the way

guiar, dirigir
I don’t know how to get to your house – I’ll need someone to guide me
Your comments guided me in my final choice.

to control the movement of

The teacher guided the child’s hand as she wrote.
guidance noun

advice towards doing something

orientación, consejo
a project prepared under the guidance of the professor.
guide dog noun

a dog that is trained to guide a blind person; Seeing Eye Dog(American)

perro guía/lazarillo
guideline noun

(usually in plural) an indication as to how something should be done

You should follow the guidelines when writing your paper.
guided missile noun

an explosive rocket which can be guided to its target by radio waves.

misil teledirigido

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