Übersetzung von “hair” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /heər/ us /heər/

A1 [ no plural ] the thin threads that grow on the head and body of people and animals

a girl with long, dark hair

one of the thin threads that grow on a person’s or animal’s skin

My skirt was covered with cat hairs.
let your hair down

to allow yourself to behave much more freely than usual and enjoy yourself

soltarse la melena
Oh, let your hair down for once!
split hairs

to argue about small details that are not important

discutir por menudeces
make someone’s hair stand on end

to make someone very frightened

ponerle a alguien los pelos de punta
To be honest, the thought of jumping out of a moving plane makes my hair stand on end.

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noun /heə/

one of the mass of thread-like objects that grow from the skin

pelo, cabello
He brushed the dog’s hairs off his jacket.

the mass of these, especially on a person’s head

pelo, cabello
He’s got brown hair.

having (a certain kind of) hair

de pelo/cabello…
a fair-haired girl.
hairy adjective (comparative hairier, superlative hairiest)

covered in hair or having a lot of hair

a hairy chest.
hairiness noun

the hairiness of his legs.
hair’s breadth noun

a very small distance

por un pelo
That bullet missed him by a hair’s breadth.
hairbrush noun

a brush for arranging and smoothing the hair.

cepillo de pelo
haircut noun

the act or style of cutting a person’s hair

corte de pelo
You need a haircut.
hair-do noun (plurals hair-dos, hair-do’s)

a hairstyle

I like her new hair-do.
hairdresser noun

a person who cuts, washes, styles etc a person’s hair

peluquero, peluquera; barbero (para hombres)
I made an appointment with the hairdresser.
hairdressing noun

peinado; peluquería
(also adjective) a hairdressing salon.
hair drier noun

an electrical apparatus for drying hair by blowing hot air over it.

secador de pelo
hairgrip noun

a small thin metal or plastic object that women use to hold their hair in place

a metal/plastic hairgrip.
hairline noun

the line along the forehead where the hair begins to grow

nacimiento del pelo
He has a receding hairline.
hair oil noun

a scented, oily lotion for smoothing down the hair.

hairpin noun

a bent wire for keeping a woman’s hair in place.

hair-raising adjective


que pone los pelos de punta
hair-raising stories.
hairstyle noun

the result of cutting, styling etc a person’s hair

I like your new hairstyle.
keep one’s hair on

(British, informal) to remain calm and not become angry

mantener la calma, mantener la cabeza fría
Keep your hair on – there’s no need to panic!
let one’s hair down

(informal) to behave in a free and relaxed manner

desmelenarse, desmadrarse
On Fridays she likes to let her hair down and go clubbing.
make (someone’s) hair stand on end

to terrify (a person)

poner los pelos de punta
a horror film which will make your hair stand on end.
(not to) turn a hair

to remain calm

no inmutarse, sin pestañear
He put his finger in the flame without turning a hair.
split hairs

to worry about unimportant details

pararse en cosas nimias
There’s no need to split hairs – all I want is a very general report.
tear one’s hair out

to show great irritation or despair

tirarse de los pelos, rasgarse las vestiduras, desesperarse
Ray was tearing his hair out in frustration.

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