Übersetzung von “hunt” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /hʌnt/ us /hʌnt/

B1 to chase and kill wild animals

They are hunting rabbits.

to search for something

The children hunted for seashells on the beach.
hunting noun [ no plural ] /ˈhʌn·tɪŋ/ /ˈhʌn·tɪŋ/

deer hunting
noun uk /hʌnt/ /hʌnt/

a search for something or someone

a job hunt
The detective leading the hunt for the killer spoke at the news conference.

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verb /hant/

to chase (animals etc) for food or for sport


to pursue or drive out

buscar; perseguir
The murderer was hunted from town to town.
hunter noun (feminine huntress)

a person who hunts.

cazador; cazadora
hunting noun

the activity of chasing animals etc for food or for sport.

caza, cacería
huntsman /ˈhants-/ noun (plural huntsmen)

a hunter.

hunt down phrasal verb

to search for (someone or something) until found

buscar hasta dar con
The police hunted down the escaped prisoner.
hunt for phrasal verb

to search for

I’ve been hunting for that shoe all morning.
hunt high and low

to search everywhere

buscar por todas partes, remover cielo y tierra
We hunted high and low for Michael’s car keys.
hunt out phrasal verb

to search for (something that has been put away) until it is found

buscar hasta encontrar; rebuscar
I’ll hunt out that old photograph for you.

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