Übersetzung von “incline” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /ɪnˈklaɪn/ us formal

to (make someone) feel something or want to do something

inclinar(se), predisponer
The prime minister is believed to be inclining towardstoward an April election.

to (cause to) slope at a particular angle

The ground inclined steeply towards the ridge in the distance.
incline your head

to bend your head slightly forward and down

bajar la cabeza
He inclined his head and said nothing.

Phrasal Verb(s)

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verb /inˈklain/

to bow (one’s head etc)

inclinar, bajar
He inclined his head toward me.
inclination /inkləˈneiʃən/ noun

a tendency or slight desire to do something

inclinación, propensión; ganas de
Has he any inclinations towards engineering?
I felt an inclination to hit him.

(an act of) bowing (the head etc).

be inclined to

to have a tendency to (do something)

tener tendencia a
He is inclined to be a bit lazy.

to have a slight desire to (do something)

estar dispuesto a
I am inclined to accept their invitation.

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