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verb uk /ˌɪn·təˈfɪər/ us /ˌɪn·t̬ərˈfɪər/ present participle interfering, past tense and past participle interfered

to try to become involved in a situation that you should not be involved in

You shouldn’t interfere in other people’s business.

Phrasal Verb (n)

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verb /intəˈfiə/

(often with in, with) to (try to) become involved in etc , when one’s help etc is not wanted

interferir, entrometerse
I wish you would stop interfering (with my plans)
Don’t interfere in other people’s business!

(with with) to prevent, stop or slow down the progress of

He doesn’t let anything interfere with his game of golf on Saturday mornings.
interference noun

the act of interfering

She was infuriated by his mother’s interference in their holiday arrangements.

(the spoiling of radio or television reception by) the noise caused by programmes from another station, bad weather etc

This television set picks up a lot of interference.
interfering adjective

an interfering old woman.

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